Are you looking for someone to get your mobile phone fixed?


Well look no further, we make the whole process easy for you! Our techs will endeavour to repair your mobile device on site and 95% of the time most repairs are complete within 30 minutes. (Unless otherwise specified). If the fault is more complicated we may need to send for additional parts & components from the manufacturer which will increase the timescale.

Your manufacturer’s warranty does not cover any fault that has occurred due to physical or liquid damage. Some examples of non-warranty faults include moisture damage, smashed LCD screens, damaged power switches or security lock codes.If your handset is water or liquid damaged then we can also carry out a repair subject to the extent of the damage. We accept handsets that manufacturers don’t touch due to the mobile phone being deemed out of warranty. The average aftermarket insurance and Applecare charges more for the fee or deductible than we charge for a complete OnSite Repair.

Looking to get your phone fixed? You have come to the right place. You have two ways to get it fixed. You can mail it in with expedited repair (fixed and shipped back to you the same day we receive it)* or have us come to you. No matter where at work, home, lunch break, hair salon, oil field lease, etc. Just about anywhere as long as it is a secure location for the customer and technician.  Identify your iPhone here and then select the repair you need. If you are getting your phone repaired OnSite and once your repair is paid for don’t forget to schedule your appointment by clicking the icon below.

* – 95% of the time “Same Day Received-Fixed-Returned” unless it is a specific manufacturer part that is required.